on “EVO – Experimento Evo”

5.0 out of 5 stars
A powerful reading experience, December 5, 2008
This book will appeal to anyone who is interested in the history of social justice. In fact, given the
recent election of Barack Obama, Evo Morales'story resonates even more, as it indicates that
indeed there is positive change in the world. I see parallels between the stories of these two men
because both come from marginalized and oppressed communities and both men have
extraordinary intelligence, charisma, idealism and courage.
Arturo von Vacano's book of articles on Evo Morales' presidency is uniquely insightful. His analyses
are clear, honest and affecting. They should be read by all Bolivians and they are certainly of
interest to all Latin Americans. However, as I said earlier, they should captivate any person who is
concerned about justice and the struggle to achieve it. It is not easy or pretty, and von Vacano's
book will make you feel the rage of the Indians of Bolivia, who have been abused for over 500
years and were de facto slaves up to the 1950s. The book will also make you cry in its telling of
their sacrifices and deaths. Occasionally, you will laugh at the folly and ignorance of those who
defend the "rights" of the elite to continue oppressing their fellow citizens. The overall picture is one
of a unique moment in history because a humble man of the people is now the leader of his nation.
I have just finished reading the first volume and look forward to reading the second installment of
articles by von Vacano.

Eliana Shafer
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